Sunday, 11 January 2015

FHC resto nr. 27; Under body sealant

With the festive period well behind us, it is time to return to the paint preparations of the DHC. As work on the outside panels was ready by now, we could switch our attention to the under body protection. But before the protective sealant could be applied all seams were washed in with a slightly thicker conventional sealant, to act as seal but more importantly to act as filler for the deep or open seams.
Another necessity before the sealant could be sprayed on, was lots of masking tape and foil was necessary to avoid overspray ...

After which the under body sealant could be applied ...

The sealant used is again sourced locally, originating from Germany. But it needs temperatures above 15ÂșC to cure. But it is still winter and the workshop has no central heating. Luckily it isn't to cold yet, but still cold enough to slow down the curing process of the sealant. Which means it needs a few extra days for the curing process to be completed. But that is a small price to pay.

And when sprayed on it gives a nice under body texture.

Taking all into account we hope to have the body in the spay booth in two to three weeks, for its first bit of colour. We'll first spray the inside , and the underside, before switching attention to the paint preparation of the "loose" panels like doors, boot, bonnet etc. After which all "outside" panels will be painted in one go using the two spray booths simultaneously to ensure an optimum colour match.

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