Saturday, 30 August 2014

FHC resto nr. 19; Starting paint preparations

Has been a bit quite on the FHC's progress, but that doesn't mean nothing has happened. In between the many rain showers that characterize the current summer I managed to get the body to its next stop on its way to a new paint coat, without getting it wet. Time for the paint preparations. But before we could start on that one we first had the rather filthy task of injecting all box sections with a rust converter.

And judging by the amount of fluid creeping out through the various seems its penetrating abilities are very good indeed. Hopefully its rust converting abilities are just as good. But that is something that time will tell. And for those curious amongst you, we used Rustox, from the German company Technolit GmbH.

Also been busy looking at the various colour/paint options. But  few of those could be deleted as the were only available as water based systems. And for obvious reasons we won't be using that kind of paint again. In that aspect I was pleasantly surprised to obtain this BL colour and trim leaflet from 1974. So I was able to check the Topaz paint sample I received a while back against the one in the leaflet. And as you can see it is pretty much spot on. Will see how the other samples will look.

And finally I got the doors back. I decided to have them e-coated after all the welding had been done. This way all nooks and crannies got a good coating ...


Patrick said...

Hello from France.
My TR7 is black and i think about to change the paint with TRIUMPH TR7 Factory 1975-1980 yellow inca ref 94/FAB have you the knowledge where to find the inca yellow reference for eu professional painter list 2014 ?
The job on your Tr7 show that it is possible to keep it for many many years at a concours level.

Beans said...

In my case I just sent the British Leyland paint code for Triton (HAG) directly to Dutch paint manufacturer Sikkens.
They still had it in their database, so were able to make up two samples for me to choose from.
But you will probably need a paint shop to do this for you as the average paint manufacturer won't deal directly with customers.