Wednesday, 30 July 2014

FHC resto nr. 18; Ahead of shedule

Or always look on the bright side of life ...

I received a phone call on Monday from the guy who's doing the interior. As he was using my interior parts  as stop gap work my first reaction was to ask if there was something wrong. There wasn't, he just wanted to tell me everything was ready for collection. Slightly ahead of my personal schedule. He also told me he was rather pleased with the work which of course made me very eager to pick up everything as soon as possible.
So after I finished servicing 't Kreng in preparation for Club Triumphs Border Raiders next weekend, I went over to pick up the re-trimmed interior parts. And I have to admit he was quite right about his work. Everything looks lovely, but being rather bright you probably either love it or hate it. The most important or big bits ...

But the in my opinion the best part is the parcel shelf. Here he has managed to cover the rather rough GRP surface  very well. And hopefully this way the covering will stay in place!

And after I return from Club Triumph's Border Raiders Tour this weekend the body shell will be moved ones again. This time for its final stage, paint preparations and painting.

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