Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Another MOT and switch panel V_2

Took an important hurdle in the preparation for the Border Raiders Tour in just over two weeks from now. The car for the event ('t Kreng) has a new MOT. Was again rather straightforward, only the track rod ends needed replacing. And that wasn't much of a surprise, two years ago they had developed a little play but not enough for a fail. Probably caused by the fact that both dust covers were torn. Two years on the play had developed, and now it was just enough for a fail. Luckily the owner of the work shop I use for testing the TR7's owns a few wedges himself so he still stocks some NOS parts for them. And he happened to have a pair of new track rod ends on the shelves.

So 15 minutes later the car could be checked out at the central computer from the RDW (the Dutch equivalent of the DVLA). And as the dust covers were still in pretty good condition they were stored for future use.

With a new certificate in the pocket I started some not very necessary work on the car. During the Wales Tour in early May one of the Club Triumph members pointed me to the German company Schaeffer AG, who produce one off switch panels. And as the switch panel I put in the car some 8 years ago was starting to deteriorate, I decided to give them a try. Luckily I still had the AutoCad file which I used than, so that was used as a starting point. And after little more than an hour (including downloading their design/ordering software) the order was placed. Was very impressed when only 5 days later a little package arrived, containing the panel. And very impressed with the quality of the panel ...

So as a treat for the car I installed the new panel today. As I am still working on a complete new lay out for the car's interior this panel is meant as a trial version, it might have to make way for something completely different when I start in earnest on 't Kreng V_2.

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