Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Back axle version 1.1

When I started the restoration of my DHC it was to provide me with a reliable TR7 to bridge the gap while working on the next and hopefully last stage of the upgrades for 't Kreng. Which automatically means that I won't start with any physical work on 't Kreng before the DHC is in proper working condition. But so far the DHC has not shown the reliability I am used to with my TR7's. Since the car came back on the road almost three years ago I had to change or repair a lot of items. As there were two leaking water-pumps, one leaking clutch master cylinder, two bad gearboxes, one worn clutch assembly, one shattered door mirror, one worn viscous coupling, one cracked fan, one broken prop shaft and of course the problems I encountered with the paint ...

As a result of all these problems with the DHC so far work on the rejuvenation of 't Kreng has been postponed for the time being. But not completely. As I had not much better to do with my spare time I decided to have another look at the digital version of the back axle set up for 't Kreng. And it was good to revive my AutoCad skills a bit! So I decided to model the axle and the necessary modifications in 3D, as this gives a much better impression on clearances etc.

Next on the to-do-list are the adaptations to the cars body, like the new upper axle mounting points, the chassis mount for the Panhard rod and the roll bar. Also looking in detail at a new rear brake set up.

And got a phone call today that the stiffening plates for the back axle are going into production soon and that the alloy sheets for the sump guards have arrived too. It looks like it's going to be a busy summer.

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