Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Rear suspension links ‘t Kreng

At last got round to finish the new links for the rear suspension. What started life like this on my computer;

Looked like this in the workshop;

And through various stages turned into this in the real world at last;

As you can see I have decided to stick to the original mounting points, at least for the time being. I will first drive the car with this set up for a while and determine from those experiences if and how I will change the rear set up. In case I decide to go for parallel link Panhard rod or a Watt’s linkage set up I already have the (spare) parts to adapt another pair of links.

And to align the rod ends properly in the rear axles’ brackets, more machining was needed to get me some spacers to do this job ...

One small issue will be the fact that the original lower bushes and thus the mounting brackets are slightly wider compared to the upper links. For the spherical rod ends that isn’t much of a problem, the spacers for the lower mounting points are slightly longer compared to those for the upper mounts.

And for the lower brackets on the body shell the plan is to use shims between the inside of the  brackets and the (poly) bushes.

But as I mentioned before, the biggest issue and challenge is to find a decent location for the rear anti roll bar. So far I have been looking at a few possibilities but not yet decided which one to choose. Probably will be decided when I find a useable ARB.

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