Wednesday, 18 April 2012

DHC back home

Picked up the DHC from the paint shop today, and I even managed to get her home dry in between several rain showers. But as it was a bit of a rush job to dodge the various showers there are no decent pictures yet. We just shoved her into the shed as quickly as possible.

But what little I have seen in proper daylight looks very nice, indeed even better than before. This is thanks to the 2 pack paint we ordered this time. The colour looks more saturated and the gloss is deeper compared to the water based paint that was used first. Almost can’t wait to see the finished car, but with my current state of health in mind I have decided to take my time. It might be ready in time for the AutoEcosse in June but I have decided to take ‘t Kreng to Scotland again.


city said...

nice opinion.. thanks for sharing.

Patrick said...

Hello Beans',
just seen the color of the new Bentley

One of Bentley team has seen your TR7 drophead before.
best regards
Patrick France

Beans said...

Looks very much like Vipern Grün, as used by Volkswagen on the new Scirocco ...