Friday, 22 July 2011

Another MOT certificate

Dropped of ‘t Kreng for her (still) annual visit at the MOT workshop this morning. Contrary to last year I decided to give the car a more thorough check in preparation and it paid off, she passed without comments. But there were a few issues that needed sorting before she could get her certificate;

With last year’s MOT failure still fresh in my mind, all bearings got a thorough check. But I needn’t have worried, they were all fine; The same could be said of all the brake parts; But the right hand track rod is on the way out. When I checked it yesterday I also found out that the mounting of the track rod to the steering rack was a little loose. Easily sorted with a 38mm spanner. Will need new track rods sooner rather than later, but first I’ll check if I have some lying around somewhere. And the upper UJ from the steering column had a bit of free play, but that was fairly easy to rectify.

Another part that needed some attention was the bearing from the fan pulley and the bearing from the viscous coupling. They decided it was time to retire together. Which meant I had to fit the last pulley assembly I had in stock. Time to invest in some new parts to replenish my stock.

And the last Item that needs some more attention is the RH headlight. The headlamp itself sits rather loose in its pod. No idea how this can happen as all the screws are still tight. Also this lamp's pivot point has developed a fair amount of play. But that’s no MOT failure.

So with the MOT for 't Kreng sorted I can first switch my attention to the DHC, and the final preparations for the 10CR. Plan is to start looking, which of my spare gear boxes can be used for the DHC. I have two pretty low mileage ‘boxes in mind at the moment, will give that some attention this weekend.

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