Thursday, 3 March 2011

A little bit of maintenance

Last weekend we took the cars out for the first tour of the year. During that tour I found out that the screen washer pump was by now completely dead at last. It had been steadily become weaker over the past year, so I ordered a new one and took the afternoon of from work to fit it. But when I returned home and opened the bonnet, I was reminded of the rather awkward position of the current pump. As the old pump was clearly working I decided to check the hoses from the washer first. Turned out that the previous screen washer liquid I used doesn’t mix with the one I am currently using, resulting in a slimy substance which blocked the filter! So after cleaning the filter gauze thoroughly and flushing the reservoir twice the screen washer again was fully functional.

At least I have a spare pump now! With the screen washer sorted I thought it a good idea to check the (front) bearings for play. I fitted a new bearing set to the left-hand front last summer and I hadn’t checked it since last year’s Nachtrit. And during last Saturdays tour the suspension again had to endure quite a beating. Wasn’t really surprising that one of the bearings needed to be adjusted slightly.

After that I tried to localize a light screeching sound under acceleration but didn’t succeed. It isn’t the fan pulley or the alternator, so I presume it isn’t very bad. Will see, next event "De Nacht van het Oosten" this Saturday.

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