Monday, 19 July 2010

MOT time for ‘t Kreng

Had ‘t Kreng MOT-ed today. Have to admit that I neglected the car a bit while working on the DHC in the past 18 months. So yesterday I went over her to see if there was anything wrong. Only found a few small faults like worn wiper blades (temporarily sorted with the ones from the DHC) and a wheezy windscreen washer pump, which would probably be overlooked. So nothing to worry about I thought. Alas wrong ...

Turned out that one of the front wheel bearings is on the way out after only 5500 kilometres. I checked them last year and they were fine then and as the car has only covered 1200 kilometres since, I thought it unnecessary to check them. So two new bearing sets ordered, should be ready for pick up at local parts supplier tomorrow afternoon.

And as I had a bit of extra time I started looking for some new wiper blades, which turned out to be not that easy. It looks like the Japanese style “pin on blade” type wiper blades as used on the TR7 are no longer available through the normal parts suppliers in this part of the world. Luckily I found some wiper refills for the passenger side, and a good clue where to find “refills” for the driver’s side. Hopefully get that sorted tomorrow too.

At least I got one item on the fail sheet sorted this evening. After a browse through my spare parts I found a washer pump that does work. And after half an hour’s spannering I had the windscreen washer functioning again. To be continued!

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