Sunday, 27 June 2010

DHC report nr. 103; Finishing touches part 4

List of things to do or get sorted is getting shorter by the day. Although a few new items have been added. Most important for its topless use is that the hood cover was fitted last Monday. Turned out it also needed some slight adjustments to the front to get a proper fit without fouling the side windows. And with the cover fitted it was time to enjoy the car a bit. As I didn’t have to keep an eye on the hood (it would raise at speeds of 90 kmh and over) I could concentrate on the driving. Was very good fun indeed. First impression is that the handling is much more precise than expected, but combined with a very comfortable ride. Was an enjoyable afternoon indeed.

Over the week I busied myself with some of the simple things on the to do list, like sorting the dashboard lights for the heater switches. Turned out that one bulb was burned out, one fitting was molten on the inside and one of the wires turned out to be broken, probably during fitting. So what should have been a 10 minute job took me well over an hour and a half to get sorted properly.

Next I fitted a protective sleeve over part of the wire running to the starter motor, to prevent damage by chafing on the heat shield. When I installed the wires they had enough clearance but after a few kilometres they were already chafing against the heat shield ...

Replaced the temporary tape over the hole in the bulkhead (near the battery tray) with the correct grommet I found in my spares stock at last ...

Adapted the inlet tube on the oil catch tank to get more clearance between the breather hose and the exhaust manifold, to prevent the hose from getting burned away...

And while at a petrol station, I found out that the fuel filler cap wouldn’t go of easily. Turned out it wasn’t vented. Luckily I had the necessary part, to make it vented, lying around. And fitting this to the filler cap was only a few minutes job.

Spot the difference ...

In the pictures the plate on the left is vented, and the one on the right is of the non vented variety.

Also sorted a broken interior door lock surround, fitted some new and heavier cable ties in order to take some strain from the carburettor’s rubber mounts and washed away a fair bit of excessive wax oil where visible.

And due to the rather fine weather over the past week the car has clocked up some 700 kilometres since she came back on the road. Still nothing really wrong so far. Water pump is still weeping very lightly, but no visible coolant loss in the header tank. The rest of the mechanics still work as they did before the restoration. Only the clutch doesn’t stick anymore.

Now waiting for the front badge to arrive, so I can officially finish the restoration, and go for a little photo shoot.

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