Wednesday, 16 June 2010

DHC report nr. 101; Finishing touches part 2

After having covered some 200 kilometres so far, I went over the car this evening to make a list of things that still have to be done or which need sorting. Didn’t find anything really worrying, the list so far;
  • Fit the stud sockets to the custom made hood stowage cover and apply the badges. Ordered these parts from S&S and they should be with me for this weekend;
  • Coolant warning light remains on all the time. As I can’t find anything wrong I think I made a slight mistake when refurbishing the main wiring loom, removing the connector from the spare (TR8) coolant wires on the right hand side of the engine bay and taping the wires away inside the loom, thus separating the wires;
  • Under (hard) braking there’s still a slight knocking sound, also felt in the steering wheel. So another check of all the front suspension nuts and bolts (including the front shock absorber closure nut) is prominent on the to do list;
  • One way or another only one of the four lights above the heater controls is working, new bulbs ordered;
  • Fixate the speedo cable and the header tank’s overflow hose with some cable ties;
  • See if I have a spare LH finisher for the top of the door seal/header rail. The one fitted at the moment has developed a nasty crack;
  • Fit some protective covering to the RH engine mount, to prevent damage to the lower radiator hose;
  • Fit a protective cable sleeve to the wires going to the starter motor. Also to prevent future damage, as their clearance is to minimal for my liking;
  • Re-align the bonnet slightly together with the lock and striker pin;
  • Find a grommet to fill the (temporarily taped over) hole in the bulkhead near the battery tray;
  • Make a banjo connector for the oil catch tank, to prevent the engines breather hose from getting burned by the exhaust manifold.

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