Monday, 10 May 2010

DHC report nr. 89; Seats & more

Yesterday morning I took the seats for the DHC down from the attic, where they had been stored for nearly 12 years. First thing was to give them a thorough treatment with some hide food. And after wiping them of today, I brought them over to the shed to put them in the car. But first I had to finish the last bit of the dashboard, fitting and connecting up the dashboard loom to the instrument panel.

If I hadn't forgotten to look at one of the many pictures I took when dismantling the car, I wouldn't have had to return home to see how these four wires had to be connected to their respective warning light.

With the wiring and cables sorted, fitting the instrument panel and shroud was the proverbial piece of cake!

Having to return home meant a slightly belated lunch break, after which it was time to put the seats back in the car. Took a far amount of time, especially enlarging the holes in the floor carpets to accommodate the seat’s frame spacers. But with the holes enlarged, fitting the seats themselves again was pretty straightforward. Only the least accessible bolt on both seats put up a bit of a fight, which they both lost. And to finish a good day’s work I fitted the steering wheel and the arm rest, but the last one was fitted as an afterthought, so after I put away the camera.

And when I returned home there was this large package waiting for me, containing this rather lovely alloy radiator. Ordered it through Robsport, and have to say it took a little bit longer than expected but still in time to fit in the slightly stretched time schedule. But it’s been worth the wait, the quality of the work looks very good indeed.

Ordered this one with an update of 't Kreng’s coolant system in mind. See how the engine behaves, as this radiator should be more efficient than the original one.

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