Wednesday, 5 May 2010

DHC report nr. 87; Trim

With the doors finished I switched my attention to the interior. First I sorted the last bit of dashboard wiring, which took me quite a while.
And while busying myself with the wiring yesterday I got a phone call from the trimmer telling me that the sun visors and footwell mats were ready. So yesterday afternoon I picked them up. Must say he again did a great job on both. One of the sun visors before ...

And the pair after refurbishing with one of the footwell mats as background ...

With these fitted I busied myself with the preparations for the work today, for which I needed a second pair of hands, fitting the front bumper and the convertible hood. As he is free from work on Wednesday afternoons, I asked René to help me out. So this afternoon we went over to the shed.
We started on the messy bit, the front bumper. This first needed a liberal dose of wax-oil. While René was happily injecting wax-oil into the bumper bar I laid out all the nuts and washers ready for use. And with the wax-oil still dripping from the bumper we fitted the indicator/side lights and mounting blocks. After which the bumper could be mounted to the car. It needed a few attempts to get a fairly decent fit. It still droops slightly at the ends but it is now much better as it used to be, so I’ll leave it as it is.

Next came the hood, which shouldn’t be that difficult to put in. Just a matter of taking it out of storage, drop the whole assembly into the car, fixate with one bolt on each side, pull the hood up and fix remaining two bolts. With the hood thus in place the rear was fitted to the car’s rear deck, after which we pulled the hood assembly upwards to nicely stretch the hood and tighten up the four main bolts. Easy really!

Only thing left to do was mark various holes onto the tunnel carpet. This is so much easier when you have some help! After which it was high time for a tea break, after which it was time for René to head home and me to head back to the shed for some finishing touches, like fitting the rear bulkhead trim panel and starting with the carpets.

And in between I fitted the handbrake cable, new door seals (the ones I got first were too short but they were exchanged for correct ones) and radiator and oil cooler supports.

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