Wednesday, 17 March 2010

DHC report nr. 77; Wheels ...

Back to work on the DHC. This evening I had a look at the different sets of wheels I have lying around, to see which I am going to use on the DHC. The various options;

The 7Jx15 Revolutions I used on the car;

Initial plan was to use these but the guy who did the bodywork was a bit to thorough. He straightened the rear wings inner lips, so on the right hand side the tyre will almost certainly touch the inner lip. And I only noticed it when the car was painted. I can have the ET changed, but a re-drill of the mounting holes will be necessary then. On the other hand I can use one of the original sets of TR7 wheels I have lying around. Like this very mint set of original TR7 alloys;

It only needs a new coating and a set of new tyres. Then there is a choice of two (slightly different) sets of steel wheels;

These will need coating and (thin) spacers at the front to clear the Ford/Até callipers. And they can be combined with these rather smart looking US market hub caps;

Or these early small black plastic ones for that 70's look;

Think I’ve got a plan ...

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