Wednesday, 23 September 2009

DHC report nr. 49; Dashboard rejuvenation

Spent a good few hours on the dashboard assembly over the past few days. After a good clean it turned out that it indeed was in very good condition. But it wasn’t possible to get it cleaned completely, there remained some discolouration’s caused by dirt accumulated over more than 30 years. So time for a re-spray with black (RAL 9005) Vinylkote. Well pleased with the end result;

Being a very early dashboard also meant that I had to drill a few extra mounting holes in it, mainly for the centre console. Luckily there was enough material to accommodate these holes. Also having a few later dashboards as guidance made life a bit easier;

So with the measurements and drilling done it was time to reassemble the various parts, like fresh air vents, cubby box lid and cover.

Another item ready for assembling when the car comes back from the painter.

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