Thursday, 17 September 2009

DHC report nr. 46; Trim preparation

Today I busied myself with various small jobs, mainly cleaning and coating trim pieces. Started with assembling the quarter lights. I started with the rubber at the top so it should be easier to fit it, but it still took a fair bit of time to get them in. After that it was time for a good clean of the glass and rubber seal. Putting everything together was straightforward.

Next victim for refurbishing were the fuel filler cap, surround and filler pipe. But before I could start on them I first had to get them of one of my spares cars. Luckily everything came of rather easy so with these parts ready;

There was some time left to do the plastic mouldings that protect the carpet against wear from the seat runners. Got most of the scratches and damage out of them but not everything. But they’ll have to do as the car’s not supposed to be a concourse winner;

To finish the afternoon I started on the steering wheel I am going to use in the car. First I was thinking of buying a nice new Moto Lita wheel. But then I found out that the original steering wheel centre from a late TR7 steering wheel fitted perfectly in the wheel centre of the wooden Nardi wheel I had lying around. As this wheel has a bit of a personal history for me, I decided to tidy it up a bit. After trial fitting it in ‘t Kreng to see how it looks in a black interior, I decided that the spokes’ grey colour needed to be changed to match the interior. Picture before;

And after I painted the spokes black, polished the leather inserts and changed the Nardi centre for a Triumph one;

Looks very nice in black. Only thing left to do is remove the scars from a hungry mouse on top of the rim;

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