Tuesday, 8 September 2009

DHC report nr. 44; Under body protection

Went over to the car a few times over the last week to have a look at the progress but also to make a small stand to make transportation and painting of the body a little easier. Last week the seams underneath the car were filled in with sealant;

After which it was time to mask of the body in preparation for the under body protection;

Just visible on the left is the (light weight) stand that will be used for support in the spray booth. And with the masking done the under body protection could be sprayed on;

Followed by a thin coat of spray filler, as a final base for the top coat.

This needs flattening down, after which the underside will be painted in a 2-pack uni-colour, this is planned for early next week. After which the body’s outside can be painted. It is booked in with the paint shop for the second half of next week 😎

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