Saturday, 22 August 2009

DHC report nr. 40; Heater ready at last

I have been rather reluctant to finish the heater, but today I mustered all the courage I could find and started on the heaters’ controls. First thing to do was clean all the linkages, which went rather well. So well I even had time left to cycle over to the shed were the parts are stored before lunch. This was to take some extra pictures of the controls of the other A/C heater unit I have. Just to make sure everything went back as it should. After lunch I started in earnest and as I had expected it took me almost half of the afternoon to get them all properly back in place.

After that I wanted to call it a day, but decided against it. I thought it a good idea to finish the heater completely, so I busied myself with making new seals to fit between the heater and various part of the cars bodywork. For these I used a special rubber foam (with a closed cell structure). Good thing with this rubber is that you can glue various pieces together using ordinary bicycle tire-repair-glue. Which of course is standard equipment in every Dutch household!

Last thing to do was give the heaters wiring loom a good clean and put it back in place. Only the little print-board containing the resistance wires for the ventilator motor needed a bit of persuasion to remain in place while the kit, used to mount and seal it, settled. Luckily the little box in which I collected all pop-rivet-ends used on the heater (103 in total !!!) was a perfect fit.

With the heater sorted I will probably start with assembling the front suspension.

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