Thursday, 23 July 2009

DHC report nr. 35; Heater controls

Switched my attention back to the heater tonight. After checking how the heater’s coolant valve worked, I decided to disconnect the thin copper pipe that runs to the back of the heaters' radiator and actuates the temperature sensitive valve regulator visible at the top of the valve;

Removing this should prevent the valve from closing ones the heaters radiator gets to warm. This shouldn’t be a problem as I ditched the A/C and I can close it manually with the regulators.

Contrary to the rest of the heater I didn’t coat these as they were too much of a challenge to dismantle. So they only got a thorough clean-up, after which everything could be mounted to the heater.

Remains the biggest challenge, the rods between regulators and the different flaps and valves and the outer seals. Will take my time for that ...

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