Monday, 13 July 2009

DHC report nr. 33; Heater rebuilt

It’s been a while since my latest report on the heater rebuild, but it is nearing completion. This was mainly caused by the fact that I had to make some last minute alterations to the body stand and am still sorting through some 1600+ photograph’s which I took during my recent trip to Scotland. The fact that a few minor jobs on the heater took much longer than expected didn’t help much for my motivation to finish it!

But last Saturday I collected all what was left of my courage and started on probably the worst bit, reassembling the heater housing. And it was! It took me nearly 2 hours to get the radiator housing closed. Due to the new rubber seals around the heaters radiator and the new coating I really needed an extra hand to get the lid in place. But after quite a bit of swearing I got it in place in the end. After that it was fairly simple to get the ventilator housing mated up and fit the coolant pipes.

Not very clear in the pictures, but there are quite a few pop rivets needed to get all the parts back together, 94 so far to be precise!

A few pictures from the inside; the ventilator housing;

And the heaters radiator;

So remains fitting all the levers, connect up the wires and fabricate some new external seals.

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