Sunday, 17 May 2009

DHC report nr. 26; Checking wiring loom

Planned to pick up the body and the coated parts from Giessen yesterday. But as the weather forecast on Friday spelled a fair chance of rain for the Saturday morning I decided not to, and leave it till next week, when my holiday starts. Of course the weather was brilliant on Saturday morning !
So with nothing better to do I started on the wiring looms instead. All connectors inside the car’s cabin are still in good condition so I will only clean them up, but otherwise leave them as they are. The same can’t be said of the connectors under the bonnet;

As they have been hanging in harm’s way for nearly 30 years they are pretty dirty and oxidized. The plan is to replace all connectors underneath the car with new ones. For this I am going to use the same connectors I used on the front of the car;

But even connectors inside the car can have their problems as the handbrake switch lead shows. The connector just fell of when I took the loom it is attached to out of the storage box;

Also found some time to take the brake pipes from one of my cars. As they are copper-nickel based, they still are in pretty good condition. But as this picture shows even with these you have to be careful;

This one definitely needs replacing. As do the pipes on the back axle. Their fittings were steel instead of brass, as a result of which they were rather rusty so I won’t reuse these. Which means I’ll have to visit local brake specialist C&C Parts in the very near future.

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