Wednesday, 18 March 2009

DHC report nr. 13; More bodywork

Some more progress on the bodywork. If everything goes to plan all the welding should be ready somewhere next week.

The right hand front wing was in a really bad state. The filler that was left after stripping the paint was actually almost an inch thick and the sheet metal around the “pull” holes was very thin indeed. So some new metal was welded in combined with pulling out the dent as much as possible.

The right hand rear wing was slightly better;

Also found a very shallow dent on the front, probably caused by the headlamp pod hitting the sheet metal in one of the many accidents in which this cars has been, in its former life;

Alignment of the doors is pretty good on both sides.
The right hand side with the original door;

And the left hand side with a new door skin, which actually fitted very good;

For good measure a boot-stay-bracket  nicked from an early FHC body shell lying around was welded in. So no future problems with inadequate gas dampers!

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