Saturday, 21 February 2009

Suspension upgrade part 3

Last week I had a first go at installing the new front suspension for ‘t Kreng. As mentioned I couldn’t finish it due to the daylight running out. Also the brake hoses I had ordered were a bit too long. This was quickly rectified by C&C parts earlier this week, they shortened the hoses by 75mm. To aid clearance I have opted for some slightly angled banjo-ends;

Today, with a mild sun shining and the carnival about to start, I tackled the remaining work on the front suspension. Actually not that much that needed to be done really, right hand hub assembly, brake calliper and connect the shortened brake hoses. The part I was most worried about was getting the hub assembly on to the stub axle. On the other side I had used a hammer and a drift to tap the bearings in place. This time I used the leverage from the stub axle nut to press the bearings over the coating, which went much better. As a result the hub assembly and brake calliper were mounted rather quickly ...

After that it was time to check the ride height. With the lower spring seat at its lowest setting (with the springs just seated on full droop) the car sits a bit higher then with the old struts. Will first drive the car a bit to see how she handles with the new and much stiffer springs. To start with I have set the dampers at their softest setting.
Only thing keeping me from a test drive is bleeding the brakes. Sadly I found out to late that I have run out of brake fluid. And the shops will most certainly be shut till the end of the carnival period ...

While cleaning up everything I had a look at the front struts that came of the car. I noticed the right hand top mount looked a bit odd. On closer inspection it turned out to be rather bend!

With a straight rule the damage is even more clear;

Probably caused by the incident that happened during the reconnaissance for last year’s night rally, when I hit a bump in the road a little bit too hard (or fast). The impact clearly deformed the top mount quite a bit. Wonder what would have happened if I didn’t have a strut brace fitted?

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