Sunday, 8 February 2009

Another suspension upgrade for ‘t Kreng

Having finished the first stage of the DHC’s restoration it was time to spend a bit of my spare time on the newly acquired suspension kit for ‘t Kreng. As yesterday was rather damp, grey and cold and I want to have the car at home under the carport for this kind of work, I had a go at removing the front struts this afternoon.
Those who have been following my ramblings on this blog will know that I did upgrade the suspension a few years ago. This meant that everything came off without a problem, resulting in two bare wheel arches and a boot full of suspension parts after only a few hours of work!

With everything removed I (of course) was very eager to trial fit the new set up and see how it all;

Well everything fits fine. The only thing that needs some slight adjustment are the mounting holes from the strut brace. But these always were a bit tight. Although the bolts for the camber plate aren’t quite accessible, I won’t enlarge the hole around the top bearing at this stage. I’ll just make sure that before mounting the struts the top bearing sits centred in the hole.

Biggest problem will probably be the routing of the flexible brake hose. The new struts don’t have a bracket to fixate the brake hose, which means I need a new (and longer) flexible hose. But before I start work on that I’ll first give my MOT garage a call. See what the MOT rules tell about the fixation of these hoses.

Oohh ... and of course a good clean of the inside of the wheel arches is also rather high on the to-do-list.

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