Wednesday, 7 January 2009

DHC report nr. 3; No physical progress

Not much physical progress on the car at the moment as it is literally freezing cold, with temperatures dropping to -20ºC at night. But I haven’t been completely idle. Made arrangements to get the paint stripped of the car. I’ll have to have the car stripped of all parts (including sound proofing material and under body coating) by week 6. So the body will be ready for repairs by week 9.
The plan is to have the paint removed chemically and have the bad bits shot blasted lightly. After that it is time for the welding and removing of the dents. When that is complete the body will be completely shot blasted and coated with an epoxy primer. So at the moment the good bits of the body look like this;

RH rear valance from underneath.

RH floor and suspension mount.

Inside LH front wing.

Panel under the wind screen.

Area underneath the wind screen (RH).

Inside RH rear valance.

Spare wheel well.

Rear of LH inner sill.

Rear of RH inner sill.

Drivers foot well.

Rear area of RH floor section.

Rear area of LH floor section.

Wonder what it will look when it it’s stripped of its paint.

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