Saturday, 10 January 2009

DHC report nr. 4; Almost bare

Been in the workshop for a few hours today to get some work done on the car. Except for the suspension, engine, fuel tank and windscreen everything is now removed. This has given me the opportunity to have a proper look at the rot in the seam between bulkhead and front inner wings. It doesn’t look to bad. I get the impression that only the bulkhead panel has rust in it and not the inner wings. Here is a view from the passenger side of the bulkhead;

And one from the driver’s side ...

As I had to wait a bit before I could switch of the heater I had a go at removing the sound proofing material. First attempt was with a chisel only, but I soon found out that wasn’t going to work this time. Time to get the paint stripper out to heat it up a bit and that worked rather well. Got the drivers foot well and a large part of the transmission tunnel stripped in just 30 minutes;

Luckily no hidden rust underneath the soundproofing!

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