Saturday, 23 August 2008

DHC Gearbox check

Went over to use the lift in Rob’s workshop this morning to check the oil level in the gearbox. This was prompted by the gear change becoming noticeably notchy over the last few months (including the LCC).

With the car on the lift it was time for a quick inspection of all the vital bits and pieces which are normally hidden away underneath. And not all was well. When I prepared the car for last year’s 10 Countries Run, I didn’t change the rubber bushes from the gearbox tail. They looked pretty much OK then. But not any more!

Not bad enough to have any immediate effect on the gear changes. But as I had ordered a full poly bush set last year, I did have a spare set lying around. And I even knew where I had stored them!

With the car on the lift all the bushes were easily accessible so it didn’t take long before the support bracket and the bushes were out. Important to know when refitting the bracket is that they are handed, the mounting holes are not centred.

Only (small) problem I encountered while refitting the mounting bolts and bushes was the gear lever rod dropping out of the ball joint at the end of the selector shaft. But as it dropped out rather easily it also went back in without too much problems. So 45 minutes later everything was back in place.

So back to the oil level. This turned out to be a little bit low, but not alarmingly. It needed less than 0.25 litre to get the level back to where it should be.

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