Thursday, 19 June 2008

MOT time for the DHC

Had the DHC in for its annual MOT today. As it just finished Le Carrera I thought it a good idea to check the brakes before going, but they were all quite OK. Needed only a good clean and some copper grease in some strategic places.

Didn’t have time to tune the carburettors before having it MOT’ed though ... So it failed on emission (CO 7.25%). Also the VIN number wasn’t clear enough and needs to be renewed. To sum it up, it passed without a comment on the rapport. The joys of a friendly garage who just adjusted the carburettors and advised me to make an appointment with the RDW (Rijks Dienst voor het Wegverkeer, the Dutch equivalent to the DVLA) to have a new VIN number put somewhere in the car. Two mechanics could read the complete number (each managed to read half of it, which makes for a complete number).

Next on the to-do-list is to get ‘t Kreng ready for its MOT in a month’s time ...

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