Wednesday, 23 April 2008

186 Days ...

On October 20th last year I put the DHC away in the shed with the idea to use it during the winter, if the weather allowed. Today after 186 days I went back to the shed to take her out of hibernation. First thing I noticed was that it still has the 10CR stickers on ... oops. And a quick inspection revealed that nothing was really wrong. No oil slicks under the car, no sticky clutch and the brakes were still free (the joys of a dry shed :-) So after reconnecting the battery it started fairly quickly, although it ran a bit rough in the beginning. Time to put the hood down and enjoy the weather!

I thought it a good idea to take it over one of my favourite routes in the area. More so because I ran ‘t Kreng over the same stretch last Saturday, always interesting to compare the two. Most interesting bit is an almost 45 kilometre long stretch over very narrow country lanes. Despite the ditches being very deep and in some places very close to the road! Would make a very nice rally stage;

Last Saturday, halfway in this stretch it started to drizzle. This, combined with the muck that the farmers had left behind in places, made for a very slippery surface indeed. But it was good fun nevertheless. But not so today, it was dry so no problems. Just enjoyed the weather, with the odd huge dust cloud trailing behind the car.

It was again a revelation to experience how different both cars are. Saturday had been a rather strenuous drive, with heavy steering due to sticky rubber and quick rack. But also a slightly stiffer suspension set up. All making for rather sharp and predictable handling, aided greatly by the brakes.

Today was an easy cruise through the country. Light steering and comfy ride, but missing the confidence inspiring handling and brakes. Well you can’t have it all!

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