Sunday, 23 September 2007

Triumph Festival Durbuy

As the weather forecast for this Sunday was rather nice we (Rene(Dolly 1850), Leon (Stag) and I (shabby TR7) decided to go to the annual "Triumph Festival". This event, which is organised by the Belgian Triumph Club, was held at the rather pretty little town of Durbuy. Initial plan was to go there with our little rogue Triumph group on the Saturday and stay for the weekend, but sadly due to all sorts of circumstances that wasn't possible this year. So the three of us gathered near the Belgium border this morning and set off to Durbuy.

Rene (Mr. Nachtrit) had chosen a nice route to Durbuy. He only forgot to tell that to the local farmer who held us up with his tractor for quite a while. After that we were only held up for a couple of miles by an old chap who didn't know that his Renault had more than just one forward gear. And to make matters worse someone had scattered some three cars haphazardly across a junction, but even this accident couldn't refrain us from reaching Durbuy in the end;

Nice background for over 200 Triumphs.

Some of the culprits mirrored in the bonnet of one of the many British entrants' cars.

The meeting itself , well it's just a meeting. Drop the car in the parking lot in a nice little village and enjoy the rest of the day. They usually do have a scenic route to drive, but we already had seen all the scenic routes so we went off into town to have something to eat and drink (yes CT the club that dines ...). 
After strolling through the town and having a chat with Andy Flexney who was there with some of the guys from the TR IG SüdWest it already was time to return home. This time all the mobile and slow moving chicanes stayed at home!

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