Thursday, 9 August 2007

Test day ...

Thought it a good idea to use the DHC for work today. As it was raining cats and dogs all day, there are a few things I have learned about the car ...

First I found out that the new hood is rather waterproof which is good. After standing/driving in the pouring rain for over 10 hours there was still no sign off any leak.
The windscreen wipers do work in proper TR7 style. But as they work that should be OK for the 10CR.
Also the (ex airco) heater I kept in the car is much more efficient in demisting the windows than the standard TR7 one, which again is good news;

On the downside, the exhaust still touches the body (right at the back off the car) and the tyres are ... euhm ... a bit hard. Ordered some new tyres yesterday. Have to wait till the end off the month to get them fitted and see how they work. But that's still in time for the 10 Countries Run.

Will take the car to the Nürburgring tomorrow for the Historic GP weekend, see how she behaves on a longer trip.

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