Wednesday, 8 August 2007

It's definitly leaking ...

Just before La Carrera Caledonia in the first weekend of June the water pump on 't Kreng had sported a small coolant leak. During the 2700 km run through England and Scotland the pump miraculous resealed itself. So I didn't worry to much about it afterwards.

Until I spotted a small leak again a few days ago. After which I did check the coolant level in the header tank and it was clearly down a bit. So cleaned up the leak traces and filled it up again. For a few days nothing happened but when I took the car out today for a short run the coolant light came on after only 5 km;

This is one leak I can't ignore anymore! Although I will for the next few weeks as all my attention is now focused on the DHC to get her ready for the 10CR.

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