Thursday, 19 July 2007

New hood for the DHC

Today saw another step forward into the 10CR preparations of the DHC. As I expect all kinds of weather during the run it seemed a good idea to me to put a decent hood on the car as the original one was rather ... euhh ... original, so old, torn and starting to fall apart;

Not quite clear in this picture as this was the best side! So when I was over in Britain for La Carrera in June I also paid a visit to S&S Preparations in Bacup and bought a new hood from them. As I didn't fancy putting it on the car myself (it's so easy to make a mess off it) I decided to ask a local car trimmer to do the job. But as he is a rather good car trimmer, he is very busy. So yes he could to do it, but not until the middle of august at it's very earliest. But he did take down my phone number, just in case he had some spare hours to do the job.
So I was rather surprised when he rang me up yesterday and asked if it was convenient for me to bring the car over to him today. Which it was;

Well pleased with the end result as it is a very good fit. Only problem is that the frame itself is much worse than I thought. Which means I'll have to put one of the two spare frames I have lying around on the car. As the hood isn't attached to the frame itself this shouldn't be too much work, we'll see!

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