Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Pre LCC check-up

Yesterday I went over 't Kreng in preparation for La Carrera Caledonia on the 2 and 3 of June. Was great to use Rob's workshop for this. Having the car on a lift makes life so much easier.

As for the car, no real surprises, the only thing that I'll have to keep an eye on is the water pump as this has developed a tiny leak over the last few days. After some 100 miles there was no visible drop in the coolant level in the header tank, so nothing to worry about to much. But I put a spare water pump and some extra coolant in the boot, just to be safe !?
For the rest all the usual checks, swapping wheels front <> rear etc. And as you can see oil and grease are perfect to keep the dreaded tin worm at bay!

After that I took the car to a tyre centre to have the front wheels re-balanced and the alignment checked. Due to the wheel swapping there was now a nasty vibration around 90 km/h. Also the inside off the front tyres showed a little more wear than the rest. But that is rectified now. It should be ready for La Carrera now (famous last words!)

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