Wednesday, 16 May 2007

DHC valve clearance adjustment

Did check the valve clearances yesterday.

Measuring the clearances revealed that valves number 2, 6 and 8 were between 0,05 to 0,10 mm to tight. By the way a large 38mm ringspanner is ideal to turn the engine over. Much better than putting a spanner on the hexagonal part at the back off the camshaft.

So the valves had to be adjusted, which means out with the camshaft. As per the "book" fix the cam-sprocket to the bracket to prevent the chain tensioner from falling out. Oh and don't forget to take it off after you have fininshed ...

As I had borrowed the complete stock of shims from a friend who runs a (by now ex-Leyland and ex-Rover dealership) that shouldn't be a problem. But alas, I forgot that I have a reground camshaft in this engine (Kent T14 / TT10204) so I needed some rather thick shims. And offcourse they were not there, well after an hours measuring them all it turned out that there was one shim that I could use.

As a result I could reshuffle the others a bit, so in the end I only needed one 3.40 mm thick shim, which, offcourse, I hadn't. Only two that were rather thicker than that. A few phone calls to several firms in the region were not very hopefull, no one could supply one in that thickness. But one off them gave me the adres off a firm in a village some 15 km to the north who could regrind one off the shims. So two hours later (thanks to rush hour traffic) I had my last shim to put back in. From there on it was quite straight forward again, putting everything together, torque down the camshaft and connecting everything up. Then Rob come along to have a look at what I was doing in his workshop so there's even a picture off me at work.

And as he has a rather nice workshop ...

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